Our House

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is crazy

I cant believe my brother will be home from his mission in a month boy has time flyed by. I am so excited to have him back with us, I miss him so much. I also cant beleive our baby is already six months old and that its been longer than that sense i have updated this. Time flys when you have kids i guess,

Love you all jess
This cute picture of the boys is showing off there matching pjs they got from there grandma knight

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

were having a baby boy if you havent heard. It is going to be pretty crazy with all boys in the house, but im really excited. If we could only think of a name we would be set, but of course know boy names that we can agree on yet.
iam going to girls camp when i will be seven months pregnant so this should be interesting. hopefully all will go well especially sense im not such a camper on normal conditions. but im excited for that challenge too. love the girls and i think it will help me to learn a lot.
Also way excited to talk to aaron this weekend on mothers day, i miss him a lot. cant believe he has been out a year, so glad were on the downward slope now. hope he knows how much he means to me so proud of him i love him very much.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Well I would put new pictures up but truth is dont have any. Trying to patiently wait for a camera hopefully we can get one sooner than later. Jaxon has started to be a little crazy man not sure what to do with him love him like crazy but he definetly knows how to get my nerves to fly high somedays. Life is still going good here. Realizng how much I miss my mom lately, I miss her all the time but I guess its the fact that when im going through something exciting or nerve racking she isnt there to talk to know, and its hard. Knowing how she would be there for you in happy and hard times and the stuff in the middle too. Knowing just what to say to let you know she cared. One things for sure i wouldnt do so good without my siblings all of them combined help me with situations like mom did, there the best family I could ask for.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year

Cant believe its already 2010, time is flying by. Aaron my brother has been on a mission for eight months already which is just crazy to me. Things havent slowed down for us, Just when I think Im going to have a little extra time on my hands something else happens. We moved into our new house in july and our new ward the second week there I got called to be the young womens president pretty overwhelming. Johnny is the temple prep teacher, And he loves that. Im grateful for keeping busy though, life is definetly full of surprises.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A much needed update!

Life is busy, busy, busy! Jaxon is now 3 years old and has a mind of his own. He loves to find the screw driver and take apart our house... he is too smart! He keeps us on our toes, but continues to add spark to our lives. Johnny is now working in quality assurance at Schreibers and works way too much over time. (I enjoy the money from it, but sure do miss my hubby!) He is still doing school full time and will graduate in April with his Bachelors in Health Care Administration. As for me, I am working for a day care part time and being a mom and wife full time. We just recently built a house a block from Johnny's work, and love it! We are still working on the moving in and the organizing part, but we will get there some day! We are doing great and loving life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life these days

I AM currently working at master cuts full time, and johnny is working at schreibers on the graveyard shift. So life is pretty crazy these days. Jaxon is sixteen months old now he is getting into everything. He is lots of fun, i really enjoy being a mom it keeps me pretty busy. I had to do something to my blog erick has been asking me about it for awhile. Me and Johnny just got called as the new nursery leaders in our ward. sixteen little kids ranging from eighteen months to three its pretty fun. Definitely has made me realize though that I'm not ready for two kids yet.